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"Among the most dangerous of the denizens of the catacombs below our land is the Invisible Seeker. None have ever seen one of these horrific slayers, for they are—as their name implies—unseeable. Their presence is usually first detected when open wounds suddenly begin appearing on the body of a victim."

June 16, 2004

Browsers, mod_rewrite, SSI, XHTML, MathML, UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 all continue to conspire against me, ensuring that my life is as hard as possible.

Once upon a time (today in fact), Firefox started complaining about what I thought was <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>. I tried using that XML processing instruction because Firefox apparently doesn't fetch the AddCharset directive sent from my .htaccess file, and assumed UTF-8 as the default character encoding. This was when the moaning started. I had no idea why it started moaning, but apparently it doesn't like white-space before either a DTD or an XML processing instruction. Fine, I can accept that. Then, upon some pondering, I realized that I needed to put my SSI directive <!--#include --> before all my variables so that the white-space would disappear. The white-space disappeared, Firefox doesn't complain, and it gets ISO-8859-1 like it should. However, since the variables aren't passed to the included files, you'll see "Håvard's Homepage - (none)", followed by "(none)". I've decided that you're going to have to live with that until I collect enough courage to switch to PHP.

I amaze myself sometimes... Problem fixed. It's as simple as to just add the XML processing instruction at the very top of every page, instead of only in the included one.

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