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Full title Dandelion Wine [permalink]
Language English
Author Ray Bradbury (author)
Publisher HarperCollins
Category Novel
Publication year 2008
Original publication year 1957
ISBN 978-0-00-728474-0 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 319

Originally a series of short stories, this novel is about quiet Middle American life in the fictional Green Town, Illinois. The story mainly follows twelve-year-old Douglas Spaulding and his brother, Tom, with minor characters scattered about. The novel is about nothing in particular, except the musings of Doug about rather adult themes like life and death.

The title is a metaphor for good summer memories, and in the story it's a real beverage that Doug and his grandfather actually tap into bottles for the long winter ahead.

There is a sequel, Farewell Summer.


Despite being well-written, I found this novel at times boring, and I was a little disappointed that it didn't go anywhere; there's no real story here. There are a few memorable scenes, however, like the meeting between the gang (Doug, Tom, and Charlie) and Colonel Freeleigh and between the young reporter and the old woman.

Images Back of Dandelion Wine.Spine of Dandelion Wine.Front of Dandelion Wine.
Full title Fahrenheit 451 [permalink]
Language English
Author Ray Bradbury (author)
Publisher HarperCollins
Categories Novel and science fiction
Publication year 1953
Original publication year 2008
ISBN 978-0-00-654606-1 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 227
Images Back of Fahrenheit 451.Spine of Fahrenheit 451.Front of Fahrenheit 451.
Table of Contents [Toggle visibility]
  • Introduction to the 50th Anniversary Addition
  • Part One: The Hearth and the Salamander
  • Part Two: The Sieve and the Sand
  • Part Three: Burning Bright
  • Afterword
Full title Farewell Summer [permalink]
Language English
Author Ray Bradbury (author)
Publisher HarperCollins
Category Novel
Publication year 2008
Original publication year 2006
ISBN 978-0-00-728475-7 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 166

Farewell Summer is a sequel to Dandelion Wine, and takes place the following year (another summer). It continues the theme of a boy's childhood summer, and adds in a conflict (of sorts) between two generations.


Like its prequel, I found this novel too a little boring, but the scene where the mischievous boys sneak into the clock tower was entertaining. I can't recommend this one, but if you liked the prequel, chances are you'll like this one as well.

Images Back of Farewell Summer.Spine of Farewell Summer.Front of Farewell Summer.
Table of Contents [Toggle visibility]
  • I. Almost Antietam
  • II. Shiloh and Beyond
  • III. Appomattox
  • Afterword: The Importance of Being Startled
Full title The Martian Chronicles [permalink]
Language English
Author Ray Bradbury (author)
Publisher William Morrow
Categories Anthology, science fiction and short stories
Publication year 2006
Original publication year 1950
ISBN 978-0-380-97383-5 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 268

A collection of short stories woven together into a coherent whole. The stories concern Mars, and humanity's efforts to colonize it.


I really enjoyed all the "chapters" (short stories), but "Usher II" really stood out, being an homage to E. A. Poe. Definitely recommended.

Images Back flap of The Martian Chronicles.Back of The Martian Chronicles.Spine of The Martian Chronicles.Front of The Martian Chronicles.Front flap of The Martian Chronicles.
Table of Contents [Toggle visibility]
  • January 2030: Rocket Summer
  • February 2030: Ylla
  • August 2030: The Summer Night
  • August 2030: The Earth Men
  • March 2031: The Taxpayer
  • April 2031: The Third Expedition
  • June 2032: —And The Moon Be Still As Bright
  • August 2032: The Settlers
  • December 2032: The Green Morning
  • February 2033: The Locusts
  • August 2033: Night Meeting
  • October 2033: The Shore
  • November 2033: The Fire Balloons
  • February 2034: Interim
  • April 2034: The Musicians
  • May 2034: The Wilderness
  • 2035-2036: The Naming of Names
  • April 2036: Usher II
  • August 2036: The Old Ones
  • September 2036: The Martian
  • November 2036: The Luggage Store
  • November 2036: The Off Season
  • November 2036: The Watchers
  • December 2036: The Silent Towns
  • April 2057: The Long Years
  • August 2057: There Will Come Soft Rains
  • October 2057: The Million-Year Picnic
Full title We'll Always Have Paris [permalink]
Language English
Author Ray Bradbury (author)
Publisher Voyager
Categories Anthology, science fiction and short stories
Publication year 2009
ISBN 978-0-00-730364-9 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 210
Images Back of We'll Always Have Paris.Spine of We'll Always Have Paris.Front of We'll Always Have Paris.
Table of Contents [Toggle visibility]
  • Introduction: Watching and Writing
  • Massinello Pietro
  • The Visit
  • The Twilight Greens
  • The Murder
  • When the Bough Breaks
  • We'll Always Have Paris
  • Ma Perkins Comes to Stay
  • Doubles
  • Pater Caninus
  • Arrival and Departure
  • Last Laughs
  • Pietà Summer
  • Fly Away Home
  • Un-pillow Talk
  • Come Away with Me
  • Apple-core Baltimore
  • The Reincarnate
  • Remembrance, Ohio
  • If Paths Must Cross Again
  • Miss Appletree and I
  • A Literary Encounter
  • America

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