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Full title The Art of War [permalink]
Original title Sūn Zǐ Bīng Fǎ
Language English
Authors Sun Tzu (author) and James Clavell (foreword)
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Categories Classic and warfare
Publication year 2005
Original publication year 1981
ISBN 0-340-27604-5 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Online version Link
Pages 102

The Art of War is a classic treatise on war (and tactics in war) and covers topics such as the real purpose of war, different types of ground, how to treat your soldiers, and the use of spies.

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Structure [Toggle visibility]
  • Foreword
  • I Laying Plans
  • II Waging War
  • III Attack by Stratagem
  • IV Tactical Dispositions
  • V Energy
  • VI Weak Points and Strong
  • VII Manœuvring
  • VIII Variation of Tactics
  • IX The Army on the March
  • X Terrain
  • XI The Nine Situations
  • XII The Attack by Fire
  • XIII The Use of Spies
Full title The Shining [permalink]
Language English
Author Stephen King (author)
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Categories Horror and novel
Series The Shining (1/2)
Publication year 2011
Original publication year 1977
ISBN 978-1-444-7207-3 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 497
Images Back of The Shining.Spine of The Shining.Front of The Shining.
Structure [Toggle visibility]
  • Introduction

Part One: Prefatory Matters

  • Chapter One: Job Interview
  • Chapter Two: Boulder
  • Chapter Three: Watson
  • Chapter Four: Shadowland
  • Chapter Five: Phonebooth
  • Chapter Six: Night Thoughts
  • Chapter Seven: In Another Bedroom

Part Two: Closing Day

  • Chapter Eight: A View of the Overlook
  • Chapter Nine: Checking It Out
  • Chapter Ten: Hallorann
  • Chapter Eleven: The Shining
  • Chapter Twelve: The Grand Tour
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Front Porch

Part Three: The Wasps' Nest

  • Chapter Fourteen: Up On the Roof
  • Chapter Fifteen: Down in the Front Yard
  • Chapter Sixteen: Danny
  • Chapter Seventeen: The Doctor's Office
  • Chapter Eighteen: The Scrapbook
  • Chapter Nineteen: Outside 217
  • Chapter Twenty: Talking to Mr. Ullman
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Night Thoughts
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: In the Truck
  • Chapter Twenty-Three: In the Playground
  • Chapter Twenty-Four: Snow
  • Chapter Twenty-Five: Inside 217

Part Four: Snowbound

  • Chapter Twenty-Six: Dreamland
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven: Catatonic
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight: 'It Was Her!'
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine: Kitchen Talk
  • Chapter Thirty: 217 Revisited
  • Chapter Thirty-One: The Verdict
  • Chapter Thirty-Two: The Bedroom
  • Chapter Thirty-Three: The Snowmobile
  • Chapter Thirty-Four: The Hedges
  • Chapter Thirty-Five: The Lobby
  • Chapter Thirty-Six: The Elevator
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Ballroom

Part Five: Matters of Life and Death

  • Chapter Thirty-Eight: Florida
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine: On the Stairs
  • Chapter Forty: In the Basement
  • Chapter Forty-One: Daylight
  • Chapter Forty-Two: Mid-Air
  • Chapter Forty-Three: Drinks on the House
  • Chapter Forty-Four: Conversations at the Party
  • Chapter Forty-Five: Stapleton Airport, Denver
  • Chapter Forty-Six: Wendy
  • Chapter Forty-Seven: Danny
  • Chapter Forty-Eight: Jack
  • Chapter Forty-Nine: Hallorann, Going Up the Country
  • Chapter Fifty: Redrum
  • Chapter Fifty-One: Hallorann Arrives
  • Chapter Fifty-Two: Wendy and Jack
  • Chapter Fifty-Three: Hallorann Laid Low
  • Chapter Fifty-Four: Tony
  • Chapter Fifty-Five: That Which Was Forgotten
  • Chapter Fifty-Six: The Explosion
  • Chapter Fifty-Seven: Exit
  • Chapter Fifty-Eight: Epilogue/Summer

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