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Full title The Stars, Like Dust [permalink]
Language English
Author Isaac Asimov (author)
Publisher Orb Publications
Category Science fiction
Series Empire (1/3)
Publication year 2009
Original publication year 1951
ISBN 978-0-7653-1915-9 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 235

Biron Farrill wakes up in his dorm room in the University of Earth to discover a radiation bomb. He then has to quickly escape and figure out who the assassin is.

The title is taken from a (fictional, to my best knowledge) poem:

"The stars, like dust, encircle me
In living mists of light;
And all of space I seem to see
In one vast burst of sight."

Images Back of The Stars, Like Dust.Spine of The Stars, Like Dust.Front of The Stars, Like Dust.
Table of Contents [Toggle visibility]
  • 1. The Bedroom Murmured
  • 2. The Net Across Space
  • 3. Chance and the Wrist Watch
  • 4. Free?
  • 5. Uneasy Lies the Head
  • 6. That Wears a Crown
  • 7. Musician of the Mind
  • 8. A Lady's Skirts
  • 9. And an Overlord's Trousers
  • 10. Maybe!
  • 11. And Maybe Not!
  • 12. The Autarch Comes
  • 13. The Autarch Remains
  • 14. The Autarch Leaves
  • 15. The Hole in Space
  • 16. Hounds!
  • 17. And Hares!
  • 18. Out of the Haws of Defeat!
  • 19. Defeat!
  • 20. Where?
  • 21. Here?
  • 22. There!
  • Afterword
  • About the Author
Full title Pebble in the Sky [permalink]
Language English
Author Isaac Asimov (author)
Publisher Grafton
Categories Novel and science fiction
Series Empire (3/3)
Publication year 1987
Original publication year 1950
Pages 226

Asimov almost never disappoints, and this book is no exception. It's a well-paced and thrilling novel with interesting characters. In particular (as is common with Asimov's novels), the dialog is excellent and abundant.

Images Back of Pebble in the Sky.Spine of Pebble in the Sky.Front of Pebble in the Sky.
Table of Contents [Toggle visibility]
  • Chapter One: Between One Footstep and the Next
  • Chapter Two: The Disposal of a Stranger
  • Chapter Three: One World — Or Many?
  • Chapter Four: The Royal Road
  • Chapter Five: The Involuntary Volunteer
  • Chapter Six: Apprehension in the Night
  • Chapter Seven: Conversation With Madmen?
  • Chapter Eight: Convergence at Chica
  • Chapter Nine: Conflict at Chica
  • Chapter Ten: Interpretation of Events
  • Chapter Eleven: The Mind That Changed
  • Chapter Twelve: The Mind That Killed
  • Chapter Thirteen: Spider Web at Washenn
  • Chapter Fourteen: Second Meeting
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Odds That Vanished
  • Chapter Sixteen: Choose Your Side!
  • Chapter Seventeen: Change Your Side!
  • Chapter Eighteen: Duel!
  • Chapter Nineteen: The Deadline That Approached
  • Chapter Twenty: The Deadline That Was Reached
  • Chapter Twenty-One: The Deadline That Passed
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: The Best is Yet to Be
  • Afterword

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