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Full title The Satanic Bible [permalink]
Language English
Authors Anton Szandor LaVey (author) and Peter H. Gilmore (introduction)
Publisher Avon Books
Category Religion
Publication year 1969
ISBN 0-380-01539-0 [Amazon, B&N, Abe, Powell's]
Pages 272
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Table of Contents [Toggle visibility]

The Enlightenment

  • I Wanted!: God—Dead or Alive
  • II The God You SAVE May be Yourself
  • III Some Evidence of a New Satanic Age
  • IV Hell, the Devil, and How to Sell Your Soul
  • V Love and Hate
  • VI Satanic Sex
  • VII Not all Vampires Suck Blood
  • VIII Indulgence... NOT Compulsion
  • IX On the Choice of a Human Sacrifice
  • X Life After Death Through Fulfillment of the Ego
  • XI Religious Holidays
  • XII The Black Mass

The Master of the Earth

  • I Theory and Practice of Satanic Magic: (Definition and Purpose of Lesser and Greater Magic)
  • II The Three Types of Satanic Ritual
  • III The Ritual, or "Intellectual Decompression," Chamber
  • IV The Ingredients Used in the Performance of Satanic Magic:
    • A. Desire
    • B. Timing
    • C. Imagery
    • D. Direction
    • E. The Balance Factor
  • V The Satanic Ritual:
    • A. Some Notes Which are to be Observed Before Beginning Ritual
    • B. The Thirteen Steps
    • C. Devices Used in Satanic Ritual

The Raging Sea

  • I Invocation to Satan
  • II The Infernal Names
  • III Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Lust
  • IV Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Destruction
  • V Invocation Employed Towards the Conjuration of Compassion
  • VI The Enochian Keys (The nineteen Keys will be listed here in chronological order)

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