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April 3, 2003

Phew. That was two hours well wasted. I changed all the text inside my HTML tags from uppercase to lowercase. This has nothing to do with the appearance of the site, just the source code. No reason why I'm saying this in a news post. I just wanted to vent, as it was very tedious and repetitive work. Never again.

In more happy news, I came across a very handy tool, a replacement for Notepad; MetaPad, which is far superior. You can (almost) tweak it to your heart's content, which is always a big plus. Head over there, you might find it worth your time.

Things I hope to get done soon:

  • take pictures of my cube, octahedron and icosahedron origami figures (from STL's Origami Polyhedra page)
  • finish my essay on graphs & functions (which is in fact beginning to shape up)
  • make more cool stuff for my web page.

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