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July 25, 2003

Big changes. There used to be a navigation bar in each and every page, with the respective <a> tags removed so that you could tell which page you're on by looking at the navigation bar. Having one navbar per page means that if one change is done to the links on one page, that same change will have to be done on all the pages (if I want the navbar to look consistent, that is). Not anymore. The navbar is now inserted using SSI and the current link is turned off using CSS. Now done automatically with SSI. This means that all my pages have been renamed .shtml and all external links to my pages have been broken. Until I can figure out how to make an operative 404 page, I've made pseudo-404 pages, in the form of the .html equivalents of the .shtml files. A little messy in the directory, but it will do for the time being. That's all gone. All requests for .html files will automatically be rewritten to the .shtml equivalents using mod_rewrite.

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