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"Words are uttered, but fail to enlighten."

November 12, 2003

I'm kind of proud of myself when it comes to web design. I've never fallen victim to the common mistakes of making web pages. I've never used frames. Frames are evil; I've never used the <font> tag (it should go without saying that <font> sucks big time); I've never used tables for layout. My navigation bar is in fact a <table>, but I like to call it a table of links. I mean to make this into a list of links with the upcoming redesign, though. Done. I've never tried to hide my source code. Hiding your source is stupid. I forgot to mention that I actually used to abuse <blockquote> just for its left margin on the news items. Not anymore, of course.

In addition to not doing the stuff above, I write clean and structured code which is (in theory) highly accessible. But you already know that.

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