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"The radiation from your monitor will not replenish you, no matter how long you sit in front of it."

March 20, 2004

I once tried to get MathML working, to no avail. Now I see why; I sent it as text/html when I should have been sending it as application/xhtml+xml, which is the proper MIME type for XHTML. With this knowledge, I put up a MathML test suite, where I'm basically playing around with MathML.

Now, IE users trying to retrieve documents sent as application/xhtml+xml will be prompted to download it, which means that I, even though it's not even my fault that IE sucks, have to find a way to send it as text/html to IE and application/xhtml+xml to everything else (unless I find out that there's another browser out there that can't handle the application/xhtml+xml MIME type correctly). I'm this close to just sending my documents as application/xhtml+xml to everything, and in the process ban IE users from my site. Is that smart? No. Is it tempting? Hell yes!

IE is the bane of my existence...

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