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"Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful."

April 27, 2004

Violent movies and video games don't turn rebellious adolescent youths into vicious killers. Articles like these do. It spews a whole lot of nonsense, and completely fails to support its claims. For instance:

"Same conformist thinking, same lousy outcome."

Uh-huh. Take a look at, oh, say, the CSS Zen Garden. This is of course the obvious example. Now, take a look at diveintomark, SimpleBits, stopdesign, Meyerweb, Musings, Brainstorms & Raves, mezzoblue, Andy Budd's site, Photo Matt, The Daily Report, and the obligatory CSS examples. Need I go on?

In other news, and unlike David Emberton, Kill Bill Vol. 2 is awesome. You should watch it.

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