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"Names are for friends, so I don't need one."

April 27, 2004

Violent movies and video games don't turn rebellious adolescent youths into vicious killers. Articles like these do. It spews a whole lot of nonsense, and completely fails to support its claims. For instance:

"Same conformist thinking, same lousy outcome."

Uh-huh. Take a look at, oh, say, the CSS Zen Garden. This is of course the obvious example. Now, take a look at diveintomark, SimpleBits, stopdesign, Meyerweb, Musings, Brainstorms & Raves, mezzoblue, Andy Budd's site, Photo Matt, The Daily Report, and the obligatory CSS examples. Need I go on?

In other news, and unlike David Emberton, Kill Bill Vol. 2 is awesome. You should watch it.

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