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May 8, 2004

The W3C validator has got a face-lift, and it looks sweet. Other new things include a fallback DTD in case one isn't specified and better explained error messages. So if you're one of the sloppy guys writing invalid HTML, you'll love the new error messages. :-)

Been spending some time acquainting myself with regular expressions. Although I haven't found any practical use for it myself yet, I definitely see the power they entail. For instance, had I known about regular expressions before my switch to ISO 8601, the whole process of converting the dates from DD.MM.YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD would be automated, and I wouldn't have had to spend half an hour doing it manually. I could have searched for ([0-3][0-9]).([01][1-9]).(200[34]) and replaced it with 3-2-1. *sigh*

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