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July 18, 2004

So, I'm back from my three weeks' vacation to England. Oh right, I didn't mention that. Ooops. I didn't think anyone would miss me, but I was wrong. Sorry lads, won't happen again.

Most of the time on the trip was spent driving around England (we drove about 250 (metric) miles, in fact), so I decided to read through the PHP 4 Bible by Tom Converse and Joyce Park, sans part II, which deals with databases and such. (Which I don't need. Yet.) So, there I was, in the car, reading about a web scripting language. With no computer to try out all the cool stuff I read about on.

I visited Alton Towers again, this time with my sister. Great fun, besides the queue times.

Also, I visited Alex again, which was fun. We went rock climbing, walking in the forest, going to the pub and looking at a castle ruin which ties up to the battle of Hastings in 1066 in some way I can't quite remember. But most importantly, Alex had a spare computer I could use! I eventually managed to write a semi-useful PHP script on it, which I'll soon release.

The 30 hours' boat trip home was hellish. My head is still woozy. Never again...

In other, perhaps outdated, news: Far Cry is one of the best FPSs I've seen in a long time. You owe it to yourself to play it.

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