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August 22, 2004

Big changes. All pages that used to use SSI now use PHP (which includes pretty much all of my pages). The main reason for the conversion was the ability to add a consistent style sheet changer, but seeing as PHP is infinitely more powerful than SSI, I can now (of course) add more powerful features to the site, more easily. Link rot is no problem thanks to the magic that is mod_rewrite. All requests for .html or .shtml are automatically rewritten to their .php equivalents.

As briefly mentioned, my site now features a style sheet changer. It's located at the top, and enables you to change the style of my site in three easy clicks. Only one thing is required on the client side; cookies must be enabled. Fortunately, this is almost always the case. One major advantage of a style sheet changer like this is that the change is consistent over several pages and that IE also gets the ability to change the style, just like Opera, Mozilla and several other browsers already do natively.

I feel that I spend maybe too much time on the technical side of my site leaving the important bit, content, neglected. I promise that this trend will not last.

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