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September 24, 2004

Yesterday I fell from my aunt's roof and hurt my back something bad. No, don't ask me what I was doing up there in the first place; I don't know. I guess I just like to climb. So, as I was going to get down, I lowered myself down the side, but my fingers slipped (and I had already gained momentum downwards, which didn't help). I hit a flower pot on my way down, hurting my back. I think the pot stopped my head from being smashed into the concrete below; I was conscious the whole time, and my head and neck felt fine. My first thoughts after hitting the ground were I gotta get up so that my aunt doesn't figure out I broke her plant, but I soon discovered I was pretty hurt. My dad came out about ten seconds later, because we were about to leave anyway. So they called an ambulance and rushed me to the emergency room, where a doctor quickly checked me. It was pretty cool, because she mumbled Latin words to herself while checking my back (most likely the technical words for parts of the body. Heh). After that they drove me to the hospital for x-rays. Luckily, there were no broken bones, but my muscles had taken a fair amount of beating. I can move much more easily today than I could yesterday, and I hope I'll be going to school on Monday. I now have much more respect for slippery wet things. :-)

Opera 7.60 beta 1 is out. The most notable new feature is the voice support, making Opera even more interactive as you can speak commands to it (I haven't tried that yet since I don't have a microphone handy). The speech synthesizer is really good and can read selected text for you. They claim to support the CSS3 Speech Module; I can't wait to play around with that. They've also finally fixed their stupid <table> + border + background-color + :hover bug. For an example, check my character test page in pre-7.60 and 7.60 (it's not finished yet and I'm only playing around with it; I take no responsibility for the veracity of the content).

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