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October 18, 2004

It's probably premature, but I just want to release my HTML Tutorial. There are some topics I still want to talk about (such as validation), and even an entire collection of elements (phrase elements) I haven't even mentioned, but releasing the tutorial now might give me some incentive to, you know, actually finish it.

Web sites that fail to use <label>s for their <input>s annoy me to no end. It's not that hard! I'm baffled at the incompetency of today's "web designers" ("web fools" is more like it). It's really simple, see:

<input name="color" type="radio" value="red" id="red"> <label for="red">Red</label>

Simple, no? The for attribute's value should be exactly the same as the <input>'s id attribute. Didn't you pay attention in school? That's right, you use FrontPage or some equally rubbish crap. (Which reminds me: I'm still not looking forward to the time when we're going to be using FrontPage in our IT class.)

Although it hasn't been evident on the site, I've begun getting an interest for parkour. It's a relatively new urban "sport" (I like to call it an art). It was "invented" by David Belle in France, quickly spread to England, and is just now establishing itself in Norway. The premise is that you should overcome urban obstacles (fences, stairs, roof-tops, whatever) with flow and fluidity. In fact, just before I heard about the existence of the sport, a similar idea had already lingered in my mind for some time. I've always been a fan of Jackie Chan's movies; I adore the way he (unlike many other Kung Fu artists) uses his surroundings to fight/evade his foes, so perhaps parkour is just an extension of that. I might, when I get better, make a dedicated page to parkour on my site, but for now, check out Urban Freeflow for information and neat images and movies of what parkour is all about.

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