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November 1, 2004

Today I discovered that my English teacher didn't know what the word inexorable means. But I first had to ask him for the meaning of inextricable. So I guess we're even. :-)

Site updates are slow and will continue to be slow until Real Life stuff gets done. This means, among other things, that the Big Thing previously hinted at will be put on ice. For now. Siiiiiigh.

Grammar is fun. Some differences between English and Norwegian grammar:

  • Norwegian nouns have gender (three of them).
  • Norwegian adjectives and adverbs are similar if the noun of the adjective is of the neutral gender. Also, adjectives are conjugated according to the gender of the noun.
  • The possessive apostrophe is absent from Norwegian since we don't need to differentiate our plurals from our possessives (Norwegians, take notice).
  • Norwegian doesn't conjugate verbs according to subject.

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