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November 27, 2004

So, the new style sheet is ready. What do you think?

Changes and additions:

  • More colors!
  • New list item images for three levels of nested, unordered lists.
  • The style sheet changer is gone. I played around with a replacement for it, a style changer, which enabled you to change the presentation of various things on my site (such as the line-height, navigation bar position, and navigation bar state (fixed or absolute)), but it proved to be too hacky to be worth it. Incidentally, the Settings page is gone.
  • Code blocks' languages are no longer identified with a background image. It's not really necessary.
  • I found a really nice monospace font, called ProFont, that makes reading code very easy. I now use it for all the code examples. I really recommend you install it.
  • Alternate style sheets removed.

Of course, there are some issues. This time I honestly, really don't have any sympathy for you if you use a broken browser; I write 100% correct code and I cannot and will not be punished for that by having to use hacks. This site is dedicated to showing the Good Side of web development. That said, here are the issues:

  • IE rips the Archived News apart.
  • IE screws up IRC excerpts. For some reason, it hides the contents of <dt>s under the background.
  • Mozilla doesn't get display: inline-block;, so code blocks are utterly fucked (by dumb luck, IE SP2 gets it (but only for <code> elements)).

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