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December 5, 2004

The observant reader might have noticed that I used HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1 interchangably on pages, depending on whether or not they contained MathML. I did this because I felt that since I advocate HTML 4.01 over XHTML as far as that's possible, I should use HTML 4.01 too. So I did, for selective pages. That involved a few nasty PHP hacks, so I decided to get rid of them and use XHTML on all pages again. I know what I'm doing. ;-)

I got a comment on that Christmas comment I made. I'm usually not vague like that, but sometimes even I have to vent. I see it like this: On avarage, person A will buy a gift for person B with approximately the same value as the gift person B buys for person A. So why don't person A and B just buy themselves whatever it is that they want? If I order a Hyundai 21" DynaFlat-X CRT monitor, I'm virtually guaranteed to get that, whereas if I wish for the same product for Christmas, I might get it, or I might get an uncomfortable, itchy sweater that I'll never use. What's the point of that?

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