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December 29, 2004

Time for another round of awesome Flash movies:

  • Hoy te amo — For some weird reason, this Flash movie reminds me of Yvonne (yes, that's The Girl's name; I figure that if she manages to find my site, she deserves to know. At least this way it's less embarrassing than telling her face-to-face or over the phone (which, by the way, I've considered doing)).
  • Walk-Smash-Walk — Weird techno music video thingy.
  • Dad's Home — Scenes of randomness. I almost choked to death on my own laughter when watching this.

    "If every coming scene of this animation is completely unpredictable to you, then I have succeeded. Enjoy!"

  • Fallen Angel: Teaser — Insanely nice and smooth animation. Level of detail astonishing.

I've also updated various parts of my site a bit:

LotR: BfME kicks so much ass. You should play it.

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