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January 28, 2005

I "fixed" some of the havoc IE wrecks on my site by serving its own style sheet using conditional comments; the navbar is no longer stretched insanely, the date heading styles have been simplified (that is, it's now left-justified and doesn't use absolute positioning to get the cool effect that Opera and Mozilla are getting), and I managed to track down the bug that made content progressively shift to the left and then almost pop back again whenever you hover a link (provided, of course, that there is a link). It turned out that IE doesn't like left borders on <blockquote>s. I hate IE's seemingly random implementation of things and its plethora of bugs.

I added links to three artists that have totally owned my ears lately: Miika Kuisma, Aura, and Labworks.

Although it hasn't been evident on my site much, for the past few weeks my emotions have been wrecking havoc with me (presumably because of my being in love), but are now finally starting to settle down again. Blasted phenylethylamine.

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