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"Judge me by my deeds, though they are few, rather than my words, though they are many."

February 16, 2005

My personal hell begins; we've started using FrontPage in my IT class now. For our first try at messing around with it, we were copying a little information sheet for an imaginary sports shop. The thing was written in a completely monotonal way: Same font, same size, same lack of bolding and italicizing. That thing would have been a great way to teach us about headings (though everyone probably knows what they are, they need to learn to use them properly), paragraphs (everyone knows this and FrontPage even inserts them every time you hit return), unordered lists (they were pure paragraphs in the text), and definition lists, but no, we wrote it like we would have written it in Word. There are even options from a pull-down menu for most of these elements, but our incompetent teacher didn't even tell us about them. While writing the thing in the code view panel (or whatever it's called), I noticed that FrontPage doesn't wrap long lines. I looked around for a while for an option to turn that on, and when I couldn't find it, I asked my teacher for help. She refused to help me on the grounds that I used the code view. Discriminatory bastard.

Here's a semi-random thought. The correct phrase is "you and I", not "you and me" and by this fact alone most songs today are rendered grammatically wrong. Heh.

Yesterday I dreamt that Yvonne and I featured in Shaolin Soccer 2. Yes, I am going insane.

A thing that has slightly annoyed me lately is the fact that Norwegians say, for instance, "this was good" while still eating the food. You don't use past tense until after the event, damn it.

I no longer underline my book titles. I have to think of the monochromats.

Listen to Shadow of the Beat now, or forever be sorry. Sahara 7 and Another Sin are magical.

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