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March 19, 2005

There's now a books section on the Random page. I'm not entirely satisfied with the organization of it yet, but it'll do.

I will be away for about a week, at an incredibly dull place (read: Rural, computerless place). That won't be too bad though, because it will give me time to churn through even more of Asimov's work, making the trip less boring. Incidentally, while reading The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, and The Robots of Dawn, I noted that while the books feature a lot of conversation between robots and humans, I really missed conversations between robots. I was incredibly pleased to see that Robots and Empire contains a lot of that.

As for Yvonne stuff, "bleargh". After a lengthy discussion about my conflicting feelings for her with my psychiatrist, we decided that the problem basically boils down to what can be poetically described as my heart saying "yes" and my brain saying "no". (Wait. Did he say psychiatrist? He did, but he didn't really mean it.) Let me make it perfectly clear, though, that there's nothing wrong with Yvonne, but I believe we're just too different to ever be a good couple. We are, however, very good friends, and that's what I'll try to leave it as.

Play around with Meqon and RidigBody. It's great fun.

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