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April 3, 2005

It appears that some people believe I am asocial and that I should socialize more. They are wrong, and on both points. I am social and I do not need to socialize more, and here is why.

At school, I have two people in my class whom I know better than the others, one of whom I also occasionally see after school (admittedly not too often, but I'm working on that). Outside my class, I have about six very cool people whom I usually hang around with in the school library (mostly girls, interestingly). We talk, we play games (not very often), and we read books. Outside of school, I have a bunch of interesting friends whom I chat with on IRC quite a lot. Some would argue that chatting via IRC isn't really socializing, but they're forgetting that there are actual people at the other end. I don't occasionally go outside to visit people, but that does happen. I'd estimate that it happens about once every two weeks or so.

All of this makes for quite enough socializing for me; I'm not going to socialize more because some people think it will do me good, and help me get more "perspective". I have an incredible amount of perspective already, I'm constantly working on acquiring more, and you don't necessarily need to socialize more to get that.

That, more or less, is my social situation right now, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I have few friends, but they're good friends.

Enough ranting. MoonJihad linked to me, and the only polite thing to do is link back. Some of the stuff he writes is hilarious, such as The Cat That Came Out Of Nowhere and Doom 3 Review. In addition, I must echo his recommendation on some very good stepfiles. There are 202 songs in this collection, most of which are excellent, some of which are mediocre, and a diminishing few of which are somewhat poorly synchronized. But the bulk is good. From, here are some others I recommend:

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