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"To use thy chisel is to blunt its edge 'gainst the stone. To not use thy chisel is to waste its edge."

April 9, 2005

Unfortunately, dataportalen will be sold on April 15 and not June 1. Be sure to start using the other URL.

I had a pretty cool thought the other day. Close your eyes. Then, imagine that somewhere out there might be the perfect girl for you. And then imagine that the perfect girl for you really exists and that she is also closing her eyes and thinking that somewhere out there is the perfect boy for her, namely you. Call me mushy, but I think that's a pretty neat thought. (If you're anything but a heterosexual male (say, a homosexual female), modify genders accordingly.)

Is this silly, you think? Maybe it is, but God damn it, this is my site and, by extension, my silliness. :-)

Interesting fact: The fourteen first pages of Asimov's Foundation's Edge were written in 1973, while the rest of the book was written in 1981.

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