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"I'm a woman, and sometimes, that's hard!"

June 3, 2005

So yeah, my site has experienced a small hiatus, and for that I am sorry; I have been too lazy/busy (interpret that as you want) to rectify the situation, until now.

I have read two books since the last update: Fremtiden by Eirik Newth and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

And when you thought it wasn't possible, my news system is getting even more nifty and user friendly! I decided to arbitrarily allow the characters /, ., and - (solidus, full stop, and hyphen, respectively) to delimit the year, month, and day in the Archive. For instance, 2005-05.03 is as valid as 2005.05/03. Not that anyone would want to use such ugly combination, but the possibility is there. Also, people might legitimately want 2005-05-03, and I'm not going to stop them.

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