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"Not many people know, but after Vatican 2, Hell became kickass!"

June 9, 2005

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's cooperative mode is awesome. I am not a homosexual, but there's something really aesthetic and elegant about two fit male superagents dressed in black leather climbing on each other, covertly making their way into all sorts of secret hideouts. What's so cool about this mode is that you really do depend on your partner. If he lets you down, neither of you can complete the mission. Hmm... You know what would be cool? A female protagonist for Splinter Cell 4. That should make for some interesting interrogations with the hostaged mercenaries.

Finished The best science fiction of Isaac Asimov (yes, my summaries are short, but only because I want you to read the books I summarize and not waste your time reading the summaries).

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