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"The only past which endures lies wordlessly within you."

June 13, 2005

Is it weird that my last five news posts (and this one) have all been posted on odd days on a two-day interval? It's totally coincidental and it's not a conspiracy. I swear.

Even started up a new site again. As usual, I wish him good luck with it.

I finished Foundation and Empire.

In imitation of Mr. Schrøder's "English words that I think are cool", I present you with my own list.

Oh yeah. At a recent LAN party, my ethernet card fell out of its PCI port while my computer was running, fell down on my Audigy card, and short-circuted it. Blast. I have no idea where that screw went, but I am positive that it held the ethernet card firm, at one point. Oh well. Such is gravity.

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