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"Don't play with your food, unless it plays with you first."

June 17, 2005

I've finished my 12 years of obligatory schooling, and I am happy to report that my curiosity and sanity have survived, despite several of my teachers' best efforts to the contrary. A few of them, notably Ivar Lein-Mathisen and Trond Borgen, however, did their best not to kill them, and they succeeded brilliantly. Let's not talk about my grades; they're mediocre, at best. Next up is working for Amnesty International, Rogaland division, and the date of my starting there coincides with that of USA's Independence Day, July 4. I'm still looking forward to starting.

I love Wikipedia and its concept and I have been reading articles on it for a few months now, so I decided the only fair thing to do was to make my own user page and start contributing more than correcting spelling and grammatical errors.

I reinstalled Windows XP, and my system is now more elegant and clean than it has ever been. Perhaps it will be even cleaner when/if I get around to installing Linux on it. I celebrated by playing and finishing XP Plus Pack's Labyrinth and its bonus pack. This game looks absolutely gorgeous in 1280x960 with Quincunx anti-aliasing. I tried Winamp 5.09 for the second time. (The first time I reverted to Winamp 2.91, for reasons I can't remember.) I especially like the global hotkeys, which I now use fanatically.

Try playing StepMania with both hands, one hand for each player. It's fun.

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