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June 23, 2005

I started work at Amnesty on June 20, not July 4. I didn't miss it, though; a letter from Siviltjenesteadministrasjonen (the administration that handles what I loosely term community service) casually mentioned, among other things, that work started on June 20. I assumed it was erroneous, as my employer and I had agreed on July 4 and since the letter didn't state that this was a change, but I showed up anyway, expecting a short visit and two more weeks of vacation. Alas, work did start June 20, and I have been working for three days now. I like it there; it's laid back and my co-workers are OK people, despite one of them being religious. But you know I don't care about that as long as he's not a zealot. I have already pointed out four spelling errors to my boss, and I wasn't yelled at! In fact, he seemed to appreciate it. I wonder why, back in school, my classmates didn't appreciate it when I corrected my teacher.

I have finally churned through MegaTokyo, and a link is on the Links page.

Reading Asimov's Second Foundation I came across one Commander Cenn, which I consistently allowed myself to read as Commander Keen. See? This is how I amuse myself. No, really; my humor can be truly simple at times.

It strikes me how very few people in Asimov's works are irrational. Sure, they may be evil, negligent, hateful, or frustrated, but they're always rational. The only irrational people, as far as I see, are the ones who are against, say, robots (like Mrs. Weston in Robbie), and then mockingly so.

I removed the IE nagbox from all pages save for the Index page and slightly shortened it. There's really no need to remind you that you're using a horribly broken browser on every page.

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