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July 3, 2005

I discovered a ghastly error whereby requesting a file that is also a directory (such as html_tut) resulted in the directory being served instead of the file. I added DirectorySlash Off to the configuration file, which fixes the error but makes my URLs slightly more draconian; you now need to explicitly add the trailing slash if you want to reach a directory.

I have only worked very little on that page I promised. I'm sorry; I will get working on that Very Soon Now, I promise.

Uncyclopedia is extremely funny, and since it's a wiki, its humor becomes an amalgamation of all the esoteric and idiosyncratic tidbits of humor of anyone who cares to edit an article. For instance, check out its entry on 1., its entry on the Pope, and its entry on Isaac Asimov.

Web comics are addictive. I finished Applegeeks and linked to it on the Links page. I'm now reading through Real Life, which currently has 1480 strips (compared to Applegeeks' 204).

Finished Nightfall. I think it's an excellent, captivating novel. It's based on a short story which I have yet to read (Asimov fans apparently think the short story is better than the novel).

My seasonal allergic rhinitis is kicking in again, and I'm hating every second of it. Whoever said one should spend time outside when the sun is shining is a lying bastard.

What is it that makes female AIs so appealing? Ping, Eve, Cortana. I love you all.

Sarah Kerrigan is arguably the most detestable video game character ever. Well, that's what you get when you label yourself as the Queen Bitch of the Universe.

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