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August 7, 2005

Friction burns like a hot fuel rod cannon.

I have moved! I now live in an apartment together with Niels-Henrik. So instead of being a disgruntled nerd living in his parents' basement, I'm now a disgruntled nerd living with a slightly less disgruntled nerd. This place is technically underground and beneath a fellow human being's dwelling-place, but I prefer the term "apartment" over "basement" (even though in reality, it is both). Because of this, my site has experienced a rather extended hiatus, and for this I am sorry. I expected that the apartment would have Internet connectivity relatively quickly after we moved in, but this was not so. Still, the hiatus was caused entirely by my own incompetence; I should have thought ahead. My site is now hosted by Mr. Schrøder, and I am extremely grateful for it.

I've read Forward the Foundation and The Alternate Asimovs. I have also made my very first book purchase, and the books I bought are Consider Phlebas, The Player of Games, Use of Weapons, Inversions, Look to Windward, and Against a Dark Background, all by Iain M. Banks. Now I just need a book shelf upon which I can neatly position these newly acquired items. I bought them from a store called Outland, which sells all kinds of esoteric artifacts ranging from science fiction books (obviously) to manga comics to kung fu movies to board games. To my knowledge, this chain only operates in Norway. Do these kind of stores exist in other countries? I hope so.

Halo 2 is utterly fantastic. The only complaint I have is the Cortana makeover, but that's overshadowed by the sheer coolness of getting to play as a Covenant Elite.

Site-wise, the random quotes are sourced, I have a web comic pipeline that I will eventually churn through, I have a new favicon, and I've actually gotten around to working on that page I promised. Have patience. I'm getting there.

Thomas Sydorowski asked me to do a social commentary. I can't comment on much when it comes to "social stuff" (see, even my otherwise massive vocabulary fails me here), but I can comment on things that bug the crap out of me. Like commercials and some of the dumb slogans they have. An example is that of a TV station (I say "a TV station" because stating its name would deface my site) that we have here. Its slogan is, "What you'll be talking about tomorrow". As if a TV channel has the right to dictate what I'll be talking about the next day. Their shows are crap, too. (Not that I watch much TV in the first place.) Another example is the slogan of an electronics store: "Paying too much is stupid." Well, duh.

When will Norwegians learn that their language does not have the possessive apostrophe except for words ending in s, x, or z? I blame the fact that English is slowly taking over Norwegian. I don't mind that at all, of course, but if you're going to use the language, please do it properly.

I have switched to Dvorak, and my typing speed improves slowly but steadily. Incidentally, I really want an OLED keyboard.

I finally watched Angelic Layer. I think it's extremely cute. I also finished Real Life, and as usual, a link is on the Links page.

I have mastered the Way of the Yellow Arrow.

Karan Sjet has the cutest voice ever. Hers even beats Cortana's.

I want Phanum Yeerum to play the protagonist in Prince of Persia the movie.

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