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"The doors of heaven and hell are adjacent and identical."

November 24, 2005

I have read no fewer than three web comics (Comedity, GU Comics, and Hellbound) and two books (Use of Weapons and A Mathematician's Apology) since the last update, in addition to watching two anime series (Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!). This means that I have been having a lot of fun, while at the same time having no original content to show for it. I also want to apologize on Even's and my own behalf for not having worked much on the comic. This is partly due to our scanner's malfunctioning, but mostly due to our reluctance to do anything about it. I should feel bad, and I sort of do.

I somewhat arbitrarily split my Books into four sections: Science fiction, non-fiction, manga, and other fiction. I realize that this is a very shallow categorization, but it's due to my not having read diverse enough genres. I also realize that the summaries are really short and look like blurbs. This is due to my not having read enough books. Both of these situations will rectify themselves with time.

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