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"Let thine arrow fly into mine crystal eye."

January 26, 2006

Happy Winter-een-mas!

Perhaps monthly updates are a bad idea. I'll try to make it bi-monthly, at least.

I've added two new links to the Links page: Falling Sand Game, a fun but not overly realistic particle simulator for sand, water, salt, and other stuff, and Planarity, an insanely fun and addictive graph game. (I'm on level 12, but some of my friends, who shall remain nameless, are on higher levels than that.) I also added some more things of minute interest to the Random page.

Behold the new Parkour page! There isn't much content yet, but as with everything, I plan to fix this with time (in this case, I plan to practice more parkour as weather permits).

I only watched one anime series since the last update: Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid. I think it's an incredible improvement from the first season.

I continue to read books, of course, and I've finished Flatland, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and 2010: Odyssey Two.

Last weekend Even and I did a 24-marathon where we watched the entire first season. I really like this series. Here's what I've learned from it:

  • You never have to say "good bye" or "talk to you later" when hanging up a phone. It's always implicit from context when a telephone conversation is to end.
  • Females are laughably easy to abduct.
  • Everyone has a goal they work actively towards, and you can be sure that their goals run perpendicular to your goals at least half the time.
  • If you think you have the situation under control, think again. Even the most fool-proof plan will have at least one unexpected consequence when executed.
  • Cameramen will film you from different angles, from the most awkward positions (like from the inside of a toilet stall). Oh, and tripods are non-existent.
  • Kiefer Sutherland is a badass. And he has a damned sexy voice.
  • If someone acts even a tiny bit suspiciously, that person is guilty of something. Otherwise, everyone behaves perfectly rationally and you need not suspect them of anything.

Allerca is my personal lord and savior (I'm allergic to cats). 2007 can't get here soon enough.

"Sweet little bumble bee,
I know what you want from me.
Dub-i-dub-i-du da-da,
dub-i-dub-i-du da-da.
Sweet little bumble bee,
more than just a fantasy.
Dub-i-dub-i-du da-da,
dub-i-dub-i-du da-da."

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