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March 17, 2006

I fixed a couple of embarrassing typos on the Books page (and wrote a short summary of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), wrote a little about my political views, and threw together a little writeup of the Prince of Persia series. I think I'll finish writing about all the games I have in the pipeline before I start taking anymore screenshots from them (I get horrible framerates).

My StepMania skills are now probably better than they have any right to be. As an example, P8107 is no longer a challenge, and I can AA Lawn Wake IX. Proof:

AA on Lawn Wake IX.

Allow me to state again that you must play Ninja Gaiden (preferably the Black version). The controls are so responsive, the enemies so cleverly designed, the moves and combos so well balanced, and the weapons so well differentiated that you feel like you are Ryu. Did I mention that the game is insanely hard? Just keep at it; study the combos, the enemies' movement, and definitely try out all the weapons. And remember: Reverse Wind, Flying Bird Flip, and Block are your best friends.

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