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April 19, 2006

Finished a little writeup of the Deus Ex series.

Behold my new Gaming Glossary page! You may consider it a companion to the Games page. As I say on the page itself, I'd really, really, really like to be corrected in all errors, minor or major; I'd hate to be the author of a poor glossary. (More example images for the definitions will appear.)

I bought and finished Tomb Raider: Legend. It actually stays true to the series while making gameplay more intuitive (especially after the flop that was Angel of Darkness). Miss Croft's movements are very Prince of Persia-ish, but then again, the areas she needs to traverse do require the moves. I love games that celebrate 3D space (curvaceous 3D space, yeah). There are also a heap of unlockables in the game, including outfits. I'm a sucker for virtual dolls, I guess.

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