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May 12, 2006

My Links page has seen some updates. I was again bitten by the imaginary Half-Life bug, looked at the mods section, thought "Eeew", played through them, culled bad ones, added a good one (Visitors), rewrote it all, and took screenshots. The Exploration section, which is a celebration of virtual exploration, is also new. In addition I replaced's link with a link to Hyperdictionary because of's obnoxious ads. And because of Hyperdictionary's "hyper" qualifier, naturally.

Added an Invented words and phrases section to my Random page (it's actually been there for some time). Niels-Henrik is very literate and we have a lot of fun with words. It may be a little esoteric, but hey, it's called Random for a reason, isn't it?

Wing Chun is so fun. Training is hard, but not physically hard. The hard part is coordinating your movement, both with regards to yourself and your sparring partner. A neat thing about Wing Chun is that it's a so-called soft martial art, as opposed to a hard one (such as Karate). As such, getting hit in the face is like getting hit by kittens. Not that I have ever had a feline youngster impact me, but if that event were ever to take place, I am sure that the two would be roughly equal. And to think, I've not even touched the cool stuff, the stuff the advanced guys are doing.

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