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September 4, 2006

Between getting set up at NITH, improving my TrackMania records (both Sunrise and Nations), and playing, uh, Sokoban, my days recently have consisted mostly of trying to beat my XBLA records (in particular those of Mutant Storm and Geometry Wars). My thumbs are almost bleeding, so for now I'm satisfied with them and will take a break from them. Mentioning it makes this semi-official.

I also feel sort of bad, now. I was supposed to work a whole lot on the site, which I haven't done due to aforementioned distractions. I'm sorry. I will shape up, really.

My Wing Chun training has started up again after a few months' hiatus (we use a school's gymnasium and have to follow their schedule), and starting up again is awesome. I finally feel like a non-newbie! To be sure I don't yet know anything particularly cool, but what I do know I feel that I can master. I think I'm also starting to get the hang of feeling the opponent's motions when in contact, which I'm told is important as one progresses to the more advanced stuff. I need lots more training with this, to be sure, but I at least understand it conceptually now.

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