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September 25, 2006

My Ceometry Wars score has been increased three times. The first was an increase by about a thousand points, which didn't even earn me a better rank. (Consulting this list of enemies, you'll find that 1000 points is ten Green Squares at 1x multiplier, or one Green Square at 10x multiplier.) Then, I played a very good round at Even's with his awesome (and HD) projector; I got just over 6.5M points, and not on my profile. Joy. But lo, things got better: I eventually managed 9,200,060 points, which lands me just under rank 100. It seems that my break (however brief) paid off.

I've completely ditched and I'm now only using (both for regular E-mail and MSN). Death to anachronisms.

Java programming has started for real, and I now think I have a pretty clear understanding of what OOP really is, though I'm sure there's a lot of black magic to be unlocked. I've noticed that a few of my classmates (those who haven't done any sort of programming before) are having trouble understanding methods (or functions, as they're really called). I think I know why: We're taught about classes and object before going into the syntax and uses of functions. How is one supposed to grok methods when one doesn't understand what a method call is?

I'm still working on site stuff, though not as rapidly as I'd wanted to. In any case, I've linked to XPize and there's the new Fictional heroes section of the Random page.

Life is a juggling competition. At least, mine is.

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