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"The lulling drone of reassuring voices / Tunes to take away your choices / Make you slaves to fancy words and phrases / Until you're pushing up the daisies"

November 8, 2006

I've only solved one more Euler problem, but I've increased my Geometry Wars and Mutant Storm scores! I increased my Geometry Wars score from 22M to 23M, getting me one rank up to 27. Next time I'm aiming for 80M. I will get there. My Mutant Storm score (single player adventure mode) is now 7,972,660. I visited Niels-Henrik's place and we managed to get our two player adventure mode score to 8,902,120 despite not playing seriously. There's much potential in that one.

Seen the Episode 2 trailers? For all I care, the 21st century will start when I get my hands on that awe-inducing game. Everything Valve touches becomes pure, undiluted gold.

"The more I see, the more I do."

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