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"Defenestrated during the Night of Flung Shutters."

February 24, 2007

Greetings and salutations. I had better update my site, because Even threatened to cast various curses on me and a bunch of my friends if I didn't. Now, I'm not one prone to take the mystical workings of arcane magic seriously (you know, because of the lack of evidence), but if you were to gaze upon the face of this acquaintance of mine I'm positive you'd agree that... Well, let us just say that his eyes have a mesmerizing effect on your psyche, and frankly, I'd not take any chances with that guy. I'm afraid that his basement walls are scribbled with incantations to Baphomet and various other minor demons with the blood of brutally slain goats, or something. I really don't want to know, and (I hope) neither would you. So here you go!

I've read Shadow of the Hegemon (a military thriller masquerading as science fiction), The God Delusion, Built to Last (a creationism book, no less), and Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman. My Books page is getting bigger, and for every book I finish I learn about the existence of ten more. This is a good thing because it ensures that I'll never be bored. (I was aware of this before I started reading seriously, because that concept is far from limited to books. I'm sure you can come up with examples.)

I cleaned up dead links in Links! Hopefully there'll be no more 404s. Or 403s. You deserve only 200s. If there are still broken links, please let me know. I also linked to Shyguy's Cave of Death, a Java game by my good friend Alex Spurling.

I flirted with Vista, but I discovered that the relationship can't go on unless she shapes up. She's pretty and she does her core jobs well, but after a while the sex gets boring and you want her to do practical things such as scanning stuff (like paper) and running stuff (like games). She currently fails miserably at both, but I suspect it's partly the fault of her burly friends, Canon and NVIDIA. Sorry, Vista. Come back when you've convinced your friends to treat you nice, and we'll give this thing another shot.

I briefly mentioned that my school, NITH, is closing in Stavanger. NITH gave those interested a free trip to Oslo to see the campus there, and (naturally) I attended. It's very nice. And large. I also met a few of the lecturers, and they seemed like an interesting bunch. (Out of pure whimsicality I'll mention that one of them looks a little like Christopher Walken; he even talks somewhat like him! It's uncanny, but awesome.)

One last thing: Check out Jones Avenue, the web comic of one of my recently-acquired IRC friends. It's hilarious at times.

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