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"Thought in movement has for its only conceivable motive the attainment of belief, or thought at rest."

July 16, 2007

I added Ballance (a game), Ebon Musings (a collection of articles, links, and book reviews), and Mindstalk (a personal site) to the Links page. I've read Unweaving the Rainbow. The Full Archive now has a reverse chronology feature.

Some time ago when I went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine (I'm asthmatic) I picked up an organ donor card, and I carry it around with me in my wallet. It feels good to know that in the event of my death, someone else can make use of my organs. My heart is an engine forged from the remnants of a dead star, and there's no reason to hog it.

In slightly more exciting news, I'm translating f8d to Norwegian! The author tells me that my link was the first he saw, and was one of the things that inspired him to keep writing. Working on the translation is fun.

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