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"Could you tell a wise man by the way he speaks or spells? / Is this more important than the stories that he tells?"

August 29, 2007

Maybe I should stop this punctuated equilibrium style of updating and go back to something resembling a sane update schedule? That all depends on what you want.

First some house keeping. Links: N (a ninja game), EDuke32 (an emulator for Duke Nukem 3D), Xerxes Music (downtempo electronic music), Launchy (handy application), Spamusement (web comic about spam), and Legorobot (web comic about unstable people). Books: The Epic of Gilgamesh, God is not Great, The Demon-Haunted World, and The Great Scientists. I've been reading lots of non-fiction lately, as you can see. I should read a fiction book every once in a while.

Since my school (NITH) closed down in Stavanger (where I currently live) we were all supposed to move to Oslo and continue there. I should have started there by now, but I decided to take a year off to work so that I don't have to take up a huge loan when I move. I work at Datakjeden where I lurk in the back, fixing computers. I've actually been looking for an excuse to learn lots more about computer hardware. I guess I found my excuse. Since starting there I bought an MP3 player, and it's so neat. I can't see how I ever lived without one. On the bus to work I can listen to music and read books, or listen to people talking (I've been having fun at's audio archive lately).

I've also played Ninja Gaiden Sigma a lot. It's a remake (and exclusive rerelease for the PS3) of Ninja Gaiden Black, which was itself a remake of the Xbox version of Ninja Gaiden (which was a spiritual sequel to the three Ninja Gaiden games for NES; mmmm, titles). It's very, very good. First of all it's in HD, and it's got shinier graphics. Second of all it's got the Dragon's Fang and Tiger's Claw. Thirdly, you can run and fight on water. The only downside is playing as Rachel. While realistic jiggling is pretty fun (you can't deny that), the combat soon gets repetitive as her only weapon is the Warhammer (a slow and unwieldy axe).

BioShock. Yes. Let's just say that it doesn't disappoint. Not one bit. It's not nearly as scary as System Shock 2 (mainly because it's so scripted, I suspect), but it nails the feeling of total isolation. It's also very pretty.

My site needs an overhaul, and it needs a new house. And the pages itself need to be worked on. I'll get working on that next. And I'll try not to leave you in the dark so much this time.

"We can pray over the cholera victim, or we can give her 500 milligrams of tetracycline every twelve hours. (There is still a religion, Christian Science, that denies the germ theory of disease; if prayer fails, the faithful would rather see their children die than give them antibiotics.)"

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