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March 10, 2009

I'm going to try to avoid turning this post into Another Grocery List Update (AGLU) by first and foremost getting the AGLU out of the way.

I recently (and by "recently" I mean "two weeks ago") went on an Amazon shopping spree, buying lots of books. I've only read two of them, Richard Dawkins' River Out of Eden and Ian Steward's Letters to a Young Mathematician, and they are fantastic. I'm now simultaneously reading Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions (an SF short story anthology from which I collect and transcribe stories I like) and Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate (which, sadly, isn't a page-turner for me, but which is still a book I'd like to have read). I hope to finish them pretty soon (and by "pretty soon" I mean "in not more than one month").

You might notice the Google search bar. My site is becoming fairly large, and I've gotten requests to add one. You request, I oblige. Whenever I've needed something from my site which I didn't know where was (a rarity) I've simply googled, but this search bar should make that method of doing things obsolete.

I also did some slight maintenance on the Nonogram and Games pages. I cleaned up the writing in Nonogram, correcting some slight mistakes and rewording things to make them more obvious, and I wrote a bit about the latest Prince of Persia game for the Games page. I also made a new page, Net, dedicated to the fascinatingly simple yet strangely addictive game net.

And for the last piece of AGLU, I slammed two new links into the Links page: TV Tropes (a wiki of media tropes) and MildlyHotPeppers (a web comic).

I'll give you a little treat. Did you know how Asimov met Ellison? Let Asimov explain. See? Those are the kinds of neat little stories I love so much and which get told so seldom.

For my next update, you might see (but I don't promise!) another page. Be patient.

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