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May 25, 2009

Hello, world!

James Blair, whom I met ages ago on IRC, has hosted my pages for about a year and a half now, and I should like to thank him for hosting them for me for free all this time. I should like to doubly thank him, because when moving web space and host I completely forgot to back up my database, and Blair kindly went and retrieved all my data for me (silly me). Now, they are hosted by and the new canonical address is, rendering the old one,, obsolete (although that address still forwards to the new one). Most of the stuff on my site is up and running properly, but a few things still remain to be fixed, most conspicuously the Archive and the Books pages (I will be working on this in the coming days).

I've read The End of Faith and View From a Height, and reviews of these will come as soon as I've rewritten the Books page.

I've transcribed another essay, The Modern Demonology (Asimov), and linked to another one, Elephants' Wings (PZ Myers). I've also transcribed two more short stories, Evensong (Lester del Rey) and The Malley System (Miriam Allen deFord).

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