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"With the greater sophistication of a cosmopolitan atmosphere come the products of human innovation; the sword, the mail, and the tankard of ale."

May 29, 2009

I made a table out of the navigation bar. I think it might work better than a list, though it's still far from the best way of doing things.

I'm going away for a week but when I get back I want to make a really awesome Books page, though I think I'll have to learn more about databases before I can really get started. (So far all my database tables have been "flat" and not "relational" — I think that's the correct terminology — which means that they could just as well have been in a flat .txt file or in the HTML source itself. With my rewrite of Books I plan to have two tables, one for the books and one for the authors, which means it will be easier to list by author or title. My previous incarnation of Books did this, it's true, but you should have seen the code...)

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