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July 9, 2009

My new and spiffy Books page is up. Shiny! It now works approximately like I want it to. In particular, I haven't yet figured out how to make it display books that are in the intersection of a set of categories; instead, it currently spews forth books that are a result of the union of that set. So, if I'd want to display only SF anthologies, my Books page would list all books in the category "Science fiction" and all books in the category "Anthology". I get all my SF anthologies, plus a bunch of books I'm not interested in. It does this for some reason, and I have a strong hunch that the same reason is behind another annoying "feature" (bug) of my Books page. Namely, books that are in several categories will only show the category (or categories) currently selected. I suspect that I'll solve both of these deficiencies in one fell swoop.

So, with a working books page, here are the books I've read recently: Climbing Mount Improbable, The Ancestor's Tale, and The Old Man and the Sea. The URLs are now pretty nice, aren't they? I dread having to go through the entire archive and fit the previous posts' mentioning of books to this new scheme, something I'll force myself to do. Soon.

Nowadays I don't discover many new good web comics, but one recently trickled in: Drawing Board.

Pollen and heat are making my life pretty miserable. Fortunately, I have medicine for the former and a desktop fan for the latter, though they only partially mitigate the horrors. Bleah.

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