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"Reload: verb, 1. Something you do after your target is dead."

January 23, 2011

I read (and even reviewed, by the gods!) a whopping two books: The Martian Chronicles and Infidel: My Life. I also listened to The Moral Landscape, which is pending a real review. And I found an awesome Clarke story that I transcribed, The Possessed.

As for my excuse for the drought of updates, I blame it on the exceedingly addictive game Minecraft in conjunction with the immensely interesting lectures of Terence McKenna and Alan Watts (both of whose output is substantial, so it's been a huge time sink). Well. Now I'm finally trying to be more productive, and perhaps I'll even finish some of my door-stopper books (I have some collections from Clarke, Poe, Lovecraft, and Conan Doyle that I've been reading in from time to time that I'd like to finish).

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