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"Hadst I a hammer, wouldst I hammer in the morning. Wouldst I hammer in the evening, all over this land."

March 6, 2014

My web site is now much more mobile-friendly. I've taken advantage of CSS Media Queries to apply custom styling for "desktops" (width above 800 pixels), "tablets" (width between 500 and 800 pixels) and "mobile" (width below 500 pixels). To see the effects of this, if you're on a desktop, change the width of the browser window until the changes kick in. Immediately you'll notice the navigation bar changing and various margins and padding becoming smaller to compensate for smaller screen real estate, but there are a lot of subtle changes here and there. I'm still working on making this better. Most conspicuously, tables still look horrible on smaller screens and the Books page needs more work.

There is also a scroll-to-top button in the bottom right corner of the screen (if you scroll below a certain level).

I have a lot of updates. More another day.

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