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"Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace, whose sounds caress my ear. / But not a word I heard could I relate, the story was quite clear."

March 22, 2018

I'm not dead, nor have I given up on my web site, contrary to the looks of things. (I'm referring, of course, to the fact that there has been no news update for almost four years!)

In short (and in vague terms) I've focused on cleaning up some things in my personal life, in addition to focusing on my social life. I might elaborate in detail about all of this, but for now I'm not really comfortable talking about it on my public web site for the world to see.

I have some site-related updates, but I'm saving them for another time: Right now I really just want to push out a news update to give myself an incentive to keep going with this. I do still have great plans for expanding and remaking the entire site, especially the Books page.

In my real life, quite a lot of things are happening. If all goes according to plan I will be enrolling in a five-year course at NMBU in Ås, at the end of which I will be a science teacher. I have been working part time as a substitute teacher in mathematics at a local high school (or the rough Norwegian equivalent thereof) for a bit over two years now, during which time I discovered that this is something I really enjoy doing. My life is taking unexpected, but good, turns!

In other awesome news, I am completely and utterly in love with a wonderful Serbian woman whom I've known for almost half a year now. We are both deeply in love, in fact, and it looks like it's going to last. I'm very, very happy about this! She is smart, attractive, attentive and loving, and I would soon run out of adjectives if I were to heap them on. Naturally I'm learning Serbian, albeit slowly! :-P

More to come. Watch this space.

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