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"Why, Lord, did you encapsulate so transcendent a composer in the body of an asshole?"

July 19, 2019

The second semester (and first year) of my five-year university education is over: four more years to go. I'm very happy. I'm still motivated and I'm still liking it a lot, even though it's hard. The results for this semester are as follows (in ascending order): I got a D in physics (which I'm not at all happy with), a B in mathematics (which I'm thrilled by), and an A in programming (when I got that result, I didn't believe my own eyes and had to triple-check).

In other very happy news, Jovana and I got engaged!

The ring. The ring on the finger. The ring on the finger with two happy campers.

I proposed to her (on my knees, of course) at one of the view points of Lazar's Canyon (the deepest and longest canyon in Serbia, located not far from the city of Bor in Eastern Serbia). The view was breathtaking, the weather was good, and the butterflies were doing somersaults in my stomach. She said yes (not entirely unpredictably). This feels completely surreal to me, but also fantastically natural and wonderful. I love her fully and deeply, and I couldn't be more happy with it. Life is good. Love is good. I'm more content than I've been in years.

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